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The Hilltop Financial Solutions Program
The Hilltop Financial Solutions Program is a unique value creation process that gives you confidence and peace of mind that your financial future is secure. The program is comprised of five stages:

Stage I – The Discovery Session
Stage 2 – The Discovery Session Report
Stage 3 – The Plan and Path
Stage 4 – The Action Step Checklist
Stage 5 – The Hilltop Quarterly Roadmap

1. The Discovery Session
You work with us to clarify and prioritize your personal and professional goals. We also assist you in identifying your dangers (to eliminate), opportunities (to take advantage of) and strengths (to focus on).

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2. The Discovery Session Report
We prepare and review with you a summarized report of The Discovery Session to ensure we understand your goals and their respective priorities.

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The Plan and Path
We prepare a written financial plan utilizing all or some of the following modules depending on your needs and desires.

The modules are: 

  • The Secure Financial Future Understand the funding requirements to assure your future financial independence.  

  • The Income Replacement Solution Determine if your family is financially secure in the event of your untimely death, disability or long-term illness. 

  • The Asset Allocator – Achieve an appropriate balance of diversified investments commensurate with your risk tolerance and desired investment return.

  • The Wealth Retainer Clarify your estate tax issues and explore strategies to reduce or eliminate the eventual shrinkage of your wealth. 

  • The Education Funding Analyzer Calculate the appropriate funding levels and review the various tax advantaged account types to fund your children's or grandchildren's education needs.  

  • The Retention and Reward Analyzer Analyze whether your existing employee and executive benefit programs are properly designed and structured to retain, reward and motivate your employees. 

  • The Business Succession Analyzer – Examine strategies to ensure that your business continues at your death, disability or retirement.
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4. The Action Step Checklist
We provide you a checklist of future action steps, which include the person(s) responsible and a timetable. The Plan and Path is only useful if the recommendations and strategies are implemented.

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5. The Hilltop Quarterly Roadmap
Our ongoing commitment to you involves a quarterly phone conference to ensure that there is consistent communication and follow-through with ongoing monitoring of recommendations and strategies as outlined in The Action Step Checklist.

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